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Followed by the artists through every step of its production with over 80 full colour plates, drawings

and photographs, this beautifully designed book in both English and Japanese exudes quality and is a

handsome addition to any art library.

It is a multicultural story about the coming together of two people from distinctly different cultures, in

love with art, and how it affected their future lives and careers.

Setsuko’s description of her childhood in Japan after the war has a charm all its own and Gerald’s love

of Japonisme and New York City and his experiences there are unique. It’s also a great picture book of

evocative paintings by two artists who still thrive on a love of poetry and beauty in the ukiyo-e style.

To order a copy of East Meets West, contact the artists using the "Contact Us" page and send a cheque

or money order for the full amount, including shipping and handling.

Canada  $35.00 + $7.50 shipping & handling, $42.50 (Canadian) total

USA  $30.00 + $10.00 shipping & handling, $40.00 (US dollars) total

For a closer look at some of the interior pages, click on one of the thumbnail pictures below.