Setsuko Lazare

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To express movement through a still medium is a challenge I always enjoy.


Artist and Model


A painter who dances or a dancer who paints; these two

reasons for being have been with Setsuko Lazare from her early

beginnings in Japan. Since coming to Canada in 1972, they

have blossomed and matured into an impressive body of work

that has commanded respect.

Avidly collected in Canada, Japan and the United States, her

fresh, painterly style, sense of colour and first-hand knowledge

of her subject has received acclaim and many awards. Her skill

in drawing and painting the figure has resulted in many portrait

commissions and sensitive works of people in interiors.

Moving from the painting studio to the dance floor as well as

involvement in creating compositions and choreography is a

strenuous routine which she juggles with amazing stamina and

skill. She is not one to doubt herself and her work is fresh and

strong, extolling the beauty of life and motion in a direct way.


In an interview a few years ago she said, "My uncle was an artist and I was fascinated as a child by his studio

and materials. My mother loved art, the theatre and singing and dancing. I danced and painted as a child and

have studied them both all my life. I found a solution by integrating them. To express movement through a still

medium is a challenge I always enjoy."

Since 1994, she has been exhibiting in the American Artist Professional League Grand National Exhibitions.

She has received prestigious awards from that association, the Dick Blick Award in 1996 the New Jersey

AAPL Chapter Award in 1999, the Leila Garsin Sawyer Award in 2000 and the AAPL Medal of Honor plus in