Jazz Sketchbook Page 1

$65.00 each

Size: 11x14 inches (28x35.5 cm)

Limited Edition of 500 printed, numbered and signed by the artist himself.

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These sketches were done in clubs and bistros that feature jazz musicians in our

city. Toronto is fortunate to have many talented players practising this art form. I

became a fan in public school during the big band period when orchestras came to

play at the old tent at the “Ex”, the Palace Pier (lost in a fire years later) and Maple

Leaf Gardens.

Later, the Town Tavern, the Colonial Tavern and Massey Hall were the places

where I thrilled to the sounds of the giants of jazz, including Duke, Louis, Basie,

Dizzy, Bird and Billy Holiday.

I’ve always felt an affinity with musicians. They're out there, on their own, always

outsiders a bit, on the line to perform well or not. The act of improvising is very

much like painting. You're open to comment and criticism from all quarters.

Painters invite it with their shows once in a while. Jazz musicians cope with it

every night. But, what joy they bring us!


Musicians depicted, clockwise from upper left: Art Hodes, Don Thompson, Jay McShann, John Lewis.

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